The PORNADOES are the originators of "swingasurfajazzabilly", a mix of four great American musical traditions: Jazz, Surf, Country Swing, and Rockabilly.  

J. "Mr. Goessl" Goessl (guitar) helms the band, switching effortlessly between the finger-picked jazz style of Chet Atkins and the blistering rock 'n roll riffs reminiscent of Link Wray.  J. "Jasper McCann" McIlvain (vocals) fronts the ensemble, equally comfortable as Darin-esque crooner or rockabilly wailer.  E. "Chet Gracenote" Sobotta (bass), one of the foremost slap bass players in the region, also has a keen jazz sensibility and symphonic-level virtuosity.  T. "Tommy Ramshaft" Zgonc (drums) mixes the light-handed cymbal work of jazz-drumming greats with the thundering beats of the surf-rock style. 

Together, they create an exciting sound by "connecting the four corners of the Great American Musical Baseball Diamond". Coupled with McCann's narrative lyrics and the ensemble's thoughtful arrangements, The Pornadoes strive to provide the finest in "new-fangled old-fashioned music" for the discerning listener.



The "World's Only Swingasurfajazzabilly Band"

is back and ready to tear the roof off our favorite West Seattle haunt,

The Parliament Tavern, Saturday November 9th!

Come on out for the last Pornadoes show of 2019... we plan to play our ENTIRE catalogue!

The fellas are all about to head into their various holiday-themed responsibilities,so come get a big dose of Swingasurfajazzabilly to tide you over 'till 2020.


Don't let a little rain stop you!

Can't wait to see all you

Kats and Kittens there!

Show starts around 9:00 P.M. ,

10 American Dollars.




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